Stride Night Donation

The Healing of The Seven Generations was honoured to attend a Stride Donation Ceremony Last night at Grand Valley Institute For Women hosted by Community Justice Initiatives – The Just Community.

“Each week, male and female volunteers go to Kitchener’s Federal Prison, Grand Valley Institution for Women (GVI) to build supportive relationships while they make crafts, play sports, and talk with the women. These informal evenings break down barriers on both sides as volunteers and women in prison discover how much they have in common. Social agencies also connect with the women during Stride Nights.”

When women in prison at GVI decided they wanted to give back to society, CJI helped them launch Fresh Start Creations. Artisan pieces, including collage cards, created during Stride Nights are sold in the community. Some funds are invested back into the program while the majority of the proceeds are donated by the women at GVI to a charity of their choice. Women learn valuable business skills such as marketing, branding, product design, and sales. Fresh Start Creations challenges the way people think about women in prison and their ability to make a positive contribution.

We would whole-heartedly like to thank the women of GVI and CJI Volunteers for their donation to our organization and look forward to put the money towards our Youth at Risk programs.

***The cards are sold in the community at the following locations: Queen St. Commons, Gifted Waterloo, Button Factory Arts, Open Sesame, Waterloo Region Museum, CJI and at Queens Park Gift Shop in Toronto.***


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