GOFUNDME for Community Member

Help Mrs. Brown Recover From Hurricane Ida Losses

“She’:kon community members,

My name is Crystal Brown I am a community member, and I am seeking help from my family, friends, and fellow community members. My mother-in-law Mrs. Florence Brown who lives in Jamaica fell victim to Hurricane Ida. During October it rained 16 days that month with an average of 261mm each rain fall. Then the tragedy struck which left Mrs. Brown, her daughters, sons, and many grandchildren homeless.

It had rained for weeks following the hurricane, that it caused a huge landslide on the hill where Mrs. Brown’s house was situated. Once the landslide was over, one of her daughters was pinned under the mud and needed help from others to dig her out. She recovered with lots of bumps & bruises.

The landslide also took out her chicken coop which housed over 40 chickens,1 momma hog & 6 piglets, plus her goats.

She worked at a local school for over 40 years providing hot meals for both staff and students, making sure that no students went without a lunch.

All funds raised would go to build Mrs. Brown another place to call home and replace the appliances that she lost. This means so much to me if my community could help Mrs. Brown, who has the biggest heart, and kindest, most helpful woman I know, she has never thought twice to help anyone no matter how big or small it may be. I would like to Nia:wen (thank you) everyone, that has taken the time to read her story and I hope that you would please consider helping a wonderful, amazing, loving and respect woman.


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