Youth Placemaking, Arts, and Documentation Mentorship

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Would you like to continue First Peoples story-telling traditions using modern technologies?

This is a free program open to any self-identified Indigenous youth ages 12 and up.

Participants in this 4-8 month program will receive mentorship with industry professionals over 10-15 workshops to learn skills in the following streams:

  • VIDEOGRAPHY: Creating mini-documentaries, where participants will learn about videography, directing, producing, script writing, story-boarding, video editing, and other related skills *** starting January 29, 2019 SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE.
  • ARTS, PRINT-MAKING, AND PLACEMAKING: Creating and designing letterboxes for a placemaking project, where participants will learn about designing, placemaking, print making, and other arts skills * starts January 31, 2019 SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Creating photo documentaries, where participants will learn about photography techniques, lighting, and how to create stories with photos *** started November 15, 2018
  • DIGITAL MEDIA AND CODING: Creating an interactive digital map, where participants will learn coding, how to build digital media, map-making and other related skills * starts February 2019
  • PUBLISHING: Compiling art and documentation created by participants into a full colour, soft cover book, where participants will learn design, layout, and other publication related skills * starts February 2019

Follow the participants’ work here or see more at the program’s website here.

If you have any questions or would like to register for the upcoming programs please contact Rebecca at

Placemaking Mentorship for Indigenous Youth


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Youth Placemaking Mentorship: Photography Stream