Youth Placemaking, Arts, and Documentation Mentorship

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Would you like to continue First Peoples story-telling traditions using modern technologies?

This is a free program open to any self-identified Indigenous youth ages 12 and up.

Participants in this 4-8 month program will receive mentorship with industry professionals over 10-15 workshops to learn skills in the following streams:

  • VIDEOGRAPHY: Creating mini-documentaries, where participants will learn about videography, directing, producing, script writing, story-boarding, video editing, and other related skills *** starting January 2019
  • ARTS, PRINT-MAKING, AND PLACEMAKING: Creating and designing letterboxes for a placemaking project, where participants will learn about designing, placemaking, print making, and other arts skills * starts January 2019
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Creating photo documentaries, where participants will learn about photography techniques, lighting, and how to create stories with photos *** starting November 15, 2018 ** two spaces left
  • DIGITAL MEDIA AND CODING: Creating an interactive digital map, where participants will learn coding, how to build digital media, map-making and other related skills * starts January 2019
  • PUBLISHING: Compiling art and documentation created by participants into a full colour, soft cover book, where participants will learn design, layout, and other publication related skills * starts January 2019

Follow the participants’ work here.

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Placemaking Mentorship for Indigenous Youth


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Youth Placemaking Mentorship: Photography Stream