Mission & Vision


The Healing of the Seven Generations is healing from the past, where the waters were not calm, the people just cried, where the children became broken and lost. Where the children were stolen from their families. Healing of the Seven Generations is a place that provides calmer waters. Life in the future is spiritual, and healing has taken place, from between the wings of the Creator above for the men, the women, the youth, and the children. Guiding our People from the past, into today, and wholehearted for the future.


  • Development and use of group self-help approaches (circles), utilizing traditional ceremonies
  • Greater self-acceptance, understanding of one self and change
  • Develop and implement therapeutic healing programs that would enhance existing programs and services
  • Employ the services of Knowledge Keepers to conduct traditional activities
  • To include a review process in determining the extent of knowledge and understanding of the residential school syndrome
  • To create an increase in the number of individuals who understand the historical impacts of residential schools on self, families, community, and nation
  • To assist individuals to overcome traumas in their personal lives in order to stop the cycle of abuse
  • To empower the community to seek and develop ways to make a healthier community


Staff, Board, and Partners