Community Calendar

Regularly scheduled weekly Cultural Programming 

  • Mondays: Haudenosaunee singing (6 pm)
  • Tuesday: I am a Kind Man group (6 pm)
  • Wednesdays: Community Luncheon (12 pm) and Women’s Healing Circle (6 pm)
  • Thursdays: Powwow singing (6 pm)
  • Fridays: Youth Council (every second week)
  • Saturdays: Anishnaabee language classes (11 am)/Mohawk language classes (3 pm)
  • Sundays: Specialized cultural workshops (ie. Moccasin making, drum making, beading, Sweat Lodge teachings, etc.)

If you have questions about the events, please contact Fran at

Workshops, language classes and teachings require registering, which can be done here.

Community Calendar

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