Material Supports

If you are interested in donating to any of these programs, please check out our donations page and drop us a line! 

Community Closet

We have access to clothing for members of our community who are in need. Please contact us directly for this service!

Birthday Gift Program

Ages 1 through 13

As a community we strongly believe in honouring our members for special occasions such as birthdays! When your child’s birthday comes around, you’re invited to come and choose a gift from our Birthday Closet! If your child is invited to a birthday party and you’re unable to get that child a gift, you’re also welcome to come pick out a gift from our Birthday Closet for the party with your child! 🙂

You can stop by our centre during regular hours to pick out a gift! No appointment or registration required!



Youth Programming

Court Supports

Food Supports

Supports for Seniors

Cultural Programming

Other Supports