Youth Programming

***new Youth Placemaking, Arts, and Documentation Mentorship

This is a free program open to any self-identified Indigenous youth ages 12 and up.

Participants in this 8 month program will receive mentorship with Indigenous industry professionals over 10-15 workshops to learn skills in the following streams:

  • VIDEOGRAPHY: Creating mini-documentaries, where participants will learn about videography, directing, producing, script writing, story-boarding, video editing, and other related skills
  • ARTS, PRINT-MAKING, AND PLACEMAKING: Creating and designing letterboxes for a placemaking project, where participants will learn about designing, placemaking, print making, and other arts skills
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Creating photo documentaries, where participants will learn about photography techniques, lighting, and how to create stories with photos
  • DIGITAL MEDIA AND CODING: Creating an interactive digital map, where participants will learn coding, how to build digital media, map-making and other related skills
  • PUBLISHING: Compiling art and documentation created by participants into a full colour, soft cover book, where participants will learn design, layout, and other publication related skills

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Martial Arts and Discipline Training Program

The Martial Arts and Discipline Training program has been established in partnership with two local gyms; one focused on boxing, and the other Kung Fu, depending on participant’s interest. Participants are supplied with equipment, and training in their selected martial arts. Participants must commit to six months of programming. Participants will have access to group training on self-discipline, self-respect, self-defence, and conflict reduction strategies.

Martial Arts and Discipline Program
Boxing at the WHIP boxing academy 2018


Boxing classes are held at the WHIP Boxing Academy located at 178 Weber St N. Waterloo.

The classes are run by Fitz “the Whip” Vanderpool. Fitz’s has won many awards and has been teaching youth to believe to chase their dreams with his philosophy “With Hope It’s Possible”.

Fitz has won the following titles in his boxing career:

  • Canadian Professional Boxing Federation title
  • World Boxing Federation Intercontinental title
  • World Boxing Council Welterweight Fecarbox title
  • World Boxing Federation Superwelterweight World title
  • World Boxing Council Superwelterweight Fecarbox title

Kung Fu and Kickboxing:

Kung Fu and Kickboxing classes are held at the Return of the Dragon Martial Arts Studio at 900 Guelph St., Kitchener.

The classes are run by by Zack George who has trained and competed in both Kung Fu and Kickboxing. Zack runs daily addictions affirmations with his classes, and has long experience working with at-risk youth.

Rock Climbing:

Our youth Rock Climbing memberships are available for Grand River Rocks located at 1-50 Borden Ave S, Kitchener, ON N2G 3R5. The 1-year membership expires March 2019 and can be used during their regular operating hours. These memberships are open to children and youth between the ages of 4 and 17. Adult Supervision is required for any individual 13 years of age and younger.




We are currently accepting applications for Kick Boxing / Kung Fu with Zack George.

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